About Makom Shalom

Makom Shalom is a heart-centered Judaism which cultivates wholeness, healing and spiritual friendship. It is a place of peace, connection and joy where spiritual seekers join together to receive the wisdom of Jewish tradition through prayer, learning and community.

At Makom Shalom the riches of Judaism -wisdom, gratitude, awareness, social justice and beauty of Torah- are transmitted in new and relevant ways.

Makom Shalom is Hebrew for “a place of peace.” The vision for this unique community is to create a sanctuary, through the prism of Jewish wisdom, to help us navigate the challenges of everyday life. Through study, meditation, chant, silence, mussar and song, we create a respite for the soul, a place to listen to the whisperings of a deeper part of ourselves.

Through monthly musical contemplative Friday night Shabbat services and sacred shared meals, morning prayer walks, chant and meditation circles, classes on spirituality, ethics, and kabblalah as well as traditional Torah study, we find fellow spiritual seekers with whom to share the journey. Our “Jews without Shuls” High Holy Day experience offers unaffiliated Jews a home for the high holidays.

By accessing a place of peace through Makom Shalom, we fill ourselves with a place of peace inside, and strive to not only survive, but to thrive in our personal lives, relationships and professional lives.

makom shalom rav shoshana

Rav Shoshana Mitrani Knapp holds a vision to gather fellow spiritual seekers to share in the treasures of Jewish tradition through Makom Shalom. After a career in business Rav Shoshana was called to the rabbinate and graduated from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2007 with a concentration in Pastoral Care and with an award for outstanding sermonizing.

She desires to serve the Jewish community in innovative, creative and meaningful ways and as such has continued her education through a number of programs. She is a graduate of the Institute of Jewish Spirituality and the Kol Zimra Chant Leadership Training, a CLAL Rabbis Without Borders Fellow, and has been trained in an embodied meditation called The Realization Process. In 2015-6 she will be studying for a certificate in Positive Psychology.

Rav Shoshana lives in Chappaqua with her husband Fred and is grateful to him for his continued support.

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